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While the dynamics of the global business world are changing, the interests of our business, demographics and the quality are enriched on the basis of internationalization at the same time. On the basis of globalization, the integration between the markets and internationalized business relationships, management formations and financial developments are also increased the expection of finance and accounting professionals at a strategic level.


MSc in Finance and Accounting Program is designed for the students who have professional work experiences and need to develop their career according to improve their competencies in the areas of accounting and finance. Within this program, it is aimed to educate competent finance and accounting specialists and supports the Turkish economy and academic researches.


The objectives of MSc in Finance & Accounting are:

  • Evaluate the cases within a system integrity and strategic thinking,
  • Work as a staff of "Istanbul Finance Center", as specialists and managers who have competencies about international standards of finance and accounting,
  • Succeed at everchanging competitive conditions of the global business and the financial world,
  • Revealed entrepreneurial, creative and innovative management approaches,
  • Developed personal and corporate ethic and social responsibility awareness.