We think that the communication between students in Business Administration and successful people in business is critically important. Thus many important activities supported by Business Administration department and club are organized.

On March 1, 2014, Business Administration Department and Turkish Futurists Association organized a Future Day Activity. In this activity, 1200 people participated, and the future of mankind is discussed. Futurist Gerd Leonhard, Anne Skare Nielsen, Louise, Fredbo Nielsen, Ufuk Tarhan,Cem Tarık Yüksel from Unilever, Juan-Ignacio Conrat Niemerg from BSH, Kına Demirel from Migros, Mehmet Nuri Çankaya from Microsoft are among the speakers.




Auditing and Corporate Communication Summit was organized, and students of 4th Business Administration have found an opportunity to meet professionals from important corporation. As a result of meeting with Gaye Şentürk, Partner at Deloitte Turkey, the auditing course trademarked as Deloitte will start in the next semester.


The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences largely participated the Career Days. 33 corporation have attended in the Career Days, and the students of Business Administration found a chance to meet professionals working in these corporation. Ali Erdoğan, CEO of Kent Holding, Ali H. Bozkurt, CEO of Toyota are among the speaker.




Young Business Administrator Day was organized by Business Administration Department to discuss the career opportunity in the business world. 185 High schools in Istanbul are invited to the activity. The Head of Business Administration introduced the new academic program to the participants.


Students of Business Administration were trained by Zorlu Energy about the energy savings, and renewable energy. After this training, Students of Business Administration have trained the students in Istek Foundation Schools about the energy awareness.




PhD Students of Business Administration participated the sensitivity training in Doğa Tatil Köyü. Yavuz Canevi, CEO of TEB, delivered a speech about the current developments in the economic environment. Prof.Dr. Atilla Dicle evaluated the PhD program and made recommendations to the students.


Entrepreneurship course supported by KOSGEB is offered to the students. Students who successfully completed the Entrepreneurship course can get financial support up to 100.000 TL. Students visited KOSGEB and obtained important information about the KOSGEB.



An education program has been established to introduce the international business environment to the students of Business Administration. Levent Seçkin, Head of Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey, is trainer of the education program.

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Students of Business Administration have found a chance to meet professionals from corporation through the My Coach program. In this program, Professionals from important corporation assist the students of Business Administration about career planning.


In the Retailing Management course, students prepared project and these projects are evaluated by the general manager, vice manager, and marketing manager of Youtholding. The three of the best Projects will get offer from Youtholding.



SAP Student Academy has been established in Yeditepe University. Our students can access the distance learning conducted by SAP Germany. In addition to these, Entrepreneurial Resource Planning has been offered in this semester.


In order to increase the Brand Value of Yeditepe Business Administration Department, we have planned and improved our education program.


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