Entrance Requirements:

The information below outlines the general entrance requirements for the Yeditepe Executive MBA program.

The candidates are expected to have;

  • Four year university degree from Turkish University or an equivalent degree received from a abroad university endorsed by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) of Turkey,
  • English proficiency exam scores of minimum 66 from YDS, 79 from TOEFL, 5.5 from IELTS or a passing grade from Yeditepe University proficiency examination.
  • Minimum work experience of five years

The candidates who cannot meet English proficiency requirements can apply for the English preparation program.

Necessary Documents for registration:

The candidates who meet the entrance requirements need to submit the following documentation for registration.

  • Statement of purpose (as explained below) for applying Executive MBA program.
  • A copy of Bachelor / Postgraduate Diploma (notarized)
  • Transcript (original or notarized)
  • English language exemption certificate
  • Equivalency Diploma Certificate approved by YÖK (for Turkish Citizens who study abroad)
  • Certified copy of ID card (notarized)
  • Residence document
  • 4 Portrait pictures
  • Deferred from military service or certificate of exemption from military service (for Turkish male citizens who study abroad)

For Foreign National Candidates; detailed information and requirements are listed in the web site of Yeditepe University International Office.

Statement of Purpose:

The Statement of Purpose helps us to evaluate the motivation and background of a Executive MBA candidate.

The document is expected to include the following items.

  • ·Briefly describe your professional, academic and relevant personal background.
  • ·Provide a statement of your long-term career goals.Define your expectations regarding the skills and knowledge you hope to acquire with the Executive MBA
  • ·Why Yeditepe Executive MBA?

Please note that professional writing rules and format is required. Organize your letter where each section is outlined and elaborated as well as spell checked. It is expected to complete state of purpose maximum in three pages.

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